Nice Pictures! The exprience of Blue Cave is unforgettable.Under your agree, I want to post your website information on Okinawa Travel blog of Korea. Many Koreans have troble when they looking for snorkel program (English guide offered) So your snokel or diving program will be helpful to Korean who want to travel Okinawa.Thank you very much and I hope to travel Okinawa again. See you!

Thank you for blue cave snorkeling participation Saturday. Sorry my poor English!Pictures taken and good times blue caves and attached image also season to Okinawa sightseeing. see you thank you! Nice family and snorkel or good.

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J家族さんが参加したコースは、Blue Cave Snorkel Tour




WAVE(Wave Marine Club) ウエーブマリンクラブ 〒901-2221 沖縄県宜野湾市伊佐1-6-19 / Phone:090-3792-5724