Thank you so much for your guidance. We were about 2 hours late, but we did not have a schedule at the time, so we went ahead. Thank you for your kindness and your candy. Thank you very much. Thank you for making good memories. I write a review thanks to the very kind of our guide, makoto san! Although we were late for 2 hrs, he continued to our program (we were lucky bacsues there was no schedule at that time) and gave us candies! It was approciated that you gave us wonderful memories! If we go okinawa again, we want to see you! Thank you again!

Blue cave snorkeling & experience diving tour Thank you for participation! Next time, please do not be late! It is nice to be able to share your enjoyable time with you. Please come to Okinawa to play! We wait for the next participation!

blue cave snokel & diving

Tour guests will join the Blue cave snorkel & In reef experience diving tour


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