It was unforgettable snorkeling in Okinawa. In fact, I snorkel in Thailand, but I did not feel good memories. There were so many fishes and the sea was so clear that we enjoyed our snorkeling. In fact, on the second day of the trip, I asked the person in charge (Mr. Makoto) if he could come to the next day after the rain came too much, and he accepted it saying that he was okay. Thanks to that, I enjoyed snorkeling with my girlfriend in clear weather. I appreciated the blue color of the sea, which made me understand why it is a blue cave. If I go again next time, I would really like to try snorkeling again. I am grateful to Mr. Makoto who is well communicated and friendly in English. Thank you for making a good trip Recommended recommendation !!

Blue cave snorkeling tour participants thank you! On that day, the sea was quiet and good on a sunny day. Thank you for your time. Please come to Okinawa to play!

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