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2/18Coral woods snorkel Customers Voice

I received the photos well. We had very nice time. Thank you so much! I hope to do another program at Wave Mar […]


こんばんは。写真無事に受取りました!! どれもいい写真なんで友達皆ありがとうございますって伝えてくれ!て言ってます! 人数も多いし、日本語できるのも私だけだったんでたいへんでしたよね それでも最後まで親切に..ありがとう […]

1/30Coral woods snorkeling Customers Voice

Thank you for the photo~ makoto san. It was really happy time and we all enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind g […]

1/2Coral woods snorkeling Customers Voice

I received photos from you. If I have a chance one more, I will be with you. Take care! Please come to play in […]

11/20Coral woods snorkeling+experience diving Customers Voice

Nice to meet you again. We got to korea very well. Thank you for our travel to merrily. I saw all pictures. So […]

11/15Mangrove kayak & Snorkel Customers Voice

Thank you! These pictures are so great. We had really great time. Thank you again. Hope we can meet you again […]

11/15Adventure experience diving & snorkeling Customers Voice

Thank You for your favor when our family visited Blue Cave. For your favor, we could make good memories in Oki […]


とてもよかったです!11月だから寒くないだろうか?お母さんが好きかな?とドキドキしたけど、とってもいい思い出になりました。makotoさんありがとうございます。お疲れ様でした!今度は家族みんなでご参加下さい。また沖縄へ遊 […]

11/2Coral woods snorkel Customers Voice

Happy snorkeling! It was so nice snorkeling. Thank you for Makoto san’s nice guide. I also look forward […]

10/25Coral woods snorkel+experience diving Customers Voice

Thanks for the photos. it was great time to experience the snorkeling and diving! Thank you again and hope to […]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club の日記

WAVE(WAVE Marin Club) ウエーヴマリンクラブ 〒901-2221 沖縄県宜野湾市伊佐1-6-19 / Phone:098-894-0545 / Fax:098-894-0560
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