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3/13 Coral forest snorkel & In reef experience diving Customer’s voice

(19/03/13 08:00 투어 참여) 네이버 블로그 리뷰 여러가지 살펴 보다가 찾아 찾아 예약하게 된 곳이에요. 그 블로그 리뷰에서 웨이브 마린 클럽을 너무 추천하길래 믿고 예약했는데, 탁월한 […]

1/9 Adventure experience diving Customer’s voice

Thank you for the instruction of the experience diving! It was a very valuable experience. I would also like t […]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club の日記

WAVE(WAVE Marin Club) ウエーヴマリンクラブ 〒901-2221 沖縄県宜野湾市伊佐1-6-19 / Phone:098-894-0545 / Fax:098-894-0560
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