I had snorkeled on my own, but I did snorkel properly for the first time this time! It was my first time to wear a wet suit, I was told that I would not sink, and I was worried that the snorkel was not too painful and went to a terrible deep ocean. Please teach kindly how to correct goggles, how to withdraw water when entering, the structure of a safe body, the position of the neck kindly, the wet suit also floats, it is not scary at all! I am pleased that an older mother could enjoy it with confidence. I will take pictures in the water and it has become a very good memory ☆ It is recommended because I can relax with confidence ☆

Coral Forest Thank you for your participation in the snorkeling tour! When I entered the ocean with the first snorkel, I thought that there was a sense of throbbing, but I was able to snorkel very smoothly as I was meeting without fear. Just wearing a 5 mm wet suit on the swimsuit makes it safe and comfortable because you can get enough buoyancy. There is no worry of drowning. I was floating without grasping unnoticedly ,,,,. If you want to have fun sea fun, please go to Okinawa! We are waiting for your next participation. Underwater photographs and extra videos should be good memories ♬

The tour Mr. T attended Tropical Fish and Coral Forest SnorkelingTours


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