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5/3 Blue cave experience diving Customers Voice

We had a pleasant scuba diving experience with the kind and accurate lead of Makoto. I appreciated the quietly checking the safety of the water and trying to show more beautiful places. Next, Okinawa [... ]

9 / 11 Blue cave experience O participation in diving participation

The other day I took care of by experiencing diving. Thank you for sending pictures and videos of diving. It is truly a memento of the lifetime of 2 people. Also, I was worried at the beginning, but I have a premonition that it seems to be addicted to diving. Next time take a license [...]

8 / 20 Blue Cave Snorkel + In-lee Experience L's Missing in Diving

MAKOTOさん、おはようございます。写真と動画ありがとうございます。これを見たらまた行きたくなっちゃいました。いい思い出を送ってくれてありがとうございます。 ご参加ありがとうございます!写真と動画は沖縄旅行のいい思い出 […]

8/19Blue cave experience diving Customers Voice

I did appreciate for everything about scuba diving! it was awesome time to ours! I hope that see you again. an […]

8/9Blue cave snorkeling & experience diving Customers Voice

Thank you for sending me various photos! Sorry for sending an email too lately to you. If we can visit okinawa […]

7/31Blue cave experience diving Customers Voice

Thank you for the picture and movie clip too. It was a great experience for us. Thank you very much for your h […]

7/29Blue cave experience diving Customers Voice

Pictures well received. Thank you so much. Thank you for creating unforgettable memories. If you have a chance […]

7 / 19 Blue cave experience Mr. K participating in diving participation

It was a really good memory during this time. I think that both 2 people were the best experience in Okinawa. Thanks to you, it was a lot of fun. I hope to go to Okinawa again next summer vacation! The movie is amazing, is not it! thank you for everything. [...]

7/10Blue cave experience diving Customers Voice

I wanna get good pictures and videos. I feel so good memories. Will never forget. Thank you very much to let m […]

6 / 24 Blue cave experience Y participation in diving participation

I often looked at the pictures I sent. I felt that time as well, but I thought that having scuba diving when I saw the photos again was an unforgettable happy memory. Of course, thanks to Makoto for kindly bringing that memory together. Also […]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

WAVE (WAVE Marin Club) Wave Marine Club 〒 901 - 2221 Isa, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture 1 - 6 - 19 / Phone: 098 - 894 - 0545 / Fax: 098 - 894 - 0560
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