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5 / 22 Blue cave experience A & C participating in diving participation

BEST TIME! I had a really wonderful blue cave experience. He had a barrier of words and he was also impressed. Thank you very much for listening to selfishness until the end. thank you for your comment! Also when coming to the sea, the sea [...]

2 / 26 Blue cave experience A participating in diving participation

I am deeply indebted to you for this time. I appreciate being able to fully enjoy the first dive thanks to polite guidance. I survived the breathing at birth and it will be a victory! What? Although I thought, it was sweet (lol) But I can afford to observe the inside of the sea immediately [...]

1 / 31 Blue cave A's participating in snorkeling

Thank you for taking care of by snorkeling the other day! It was the first time for snorkeling in the deep ocean and I was puzzled at first, but thankfully I taught it, I enjoyed it very much. It was lucky that there were few people and it was a charter for a long time. Snorkeless [...]

9 / 27 T's Mr. T participating in the Blue Cave Experience Diving

You were very helpful the other day. It was my first experience of diving, but it was a lot of fun! I thought that the blue cave was "nice ~ beautiful ~" when looking at the guide book, but I was really moved by seeing it actually. When I was watching a photo, I wanted to go back again [...]

9 / 14 Blue cave experience KT's participation in diving participation

2 Thank you very much for the year! Thank you for having lots of pictures. There was a lot more than last year definitely (laugh) Blue cave It was very beautiful and I was deeply impressed with last year! I also have good memories! Also thank you again! Last time [...]

9 / 13 S celebrating Blue cave participation S participating in diving

The first blue cave experience experience diving! You can see beautiful patterns of fish such as nemo and anemone fish in close proximity in the beautiful sea and I am very satisfied with diving. I also want to diving in the ocean of Okinawa! Thank you for the experience! Join us [...]

9 / 11 Blue cave Mr. K participating in snorkeling

The main event I was looking forward to this time, the blue cave snorkel was very good. But I did not think there was such a person. A little surprised. Even the caves could be taken off by ship comfortably and I got a lot of photos taken satisfactorily! Honest feet at the beginning [...]

8 / 19 Blue cave experience T family participating in diving participation

I could not breathe well, I was worried if I could get out, but I was able to dive with my instructor pulling my hand. The hands of the instructor were visible to God 's hands! 58 years old father who could not skillfully ears out and did not dyed, also Ribe next year [...]

8 / 16 Megumi river kayak and blue cave Snorkel participating M

Great! I experienced the Yeegegawa kayak and the blue cave snorkel. I met a lot of cute creatures and it was a great satisfying day. The guide was also kind, and I had a wonderful memory. I will come to Okinawa again! thank you for your comment! Oita [...]

8 / 15 Blue cave Snorkel and Ms. K participating in the experience diving

Thank you very much! Thank you for let me experience the first diving. I was nervous throughout all the time, but it became very nice memories! The blue cave looked beautiful, it was awesome! We appreciate your participation. Whether you both can skill well and are good [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

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