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9 / 11 Higaokagawa Kayak Experience participation K

Thank you for the day. The sun was not strong and it was not strong so I enjoyed it comfortably. It was fun to see Pico Pyoko and bouncing haze and big scissor waving shiofish, and bat and kingfisher. Time is also moderately comfortable metabolism [...]

8 / 14 Higashi river M Mr. T participating in kayak

thank you for helping me! I was worried about the weather, but I was really pleased with the rain. I came across lots of creatures and saw the beautiful roots of the mangroves and it made me really good memories! Also, thank you when you go play! Your visit [...]

8 / 8 H's Mr. Higashigawa kayak experience participation

Thank you very much! Thank you for the other day! Although I think that it was various difficulties because it was after typhoon, I could see such small creatures and it was fun to be touched by the nature of Okinawa. I was able to listen to various explanations and it became a study, too! ! Impression ah [...]

8 / 4 Yagawa river mangrove kayak experience participating W family

thank you for helping me! A nasty son caused you inconvenience. The kids talked about kayaks throughout the day as a wishful kayak experience. Thank you for having a fun experience! thank you for your comment! Kayaking was fun [...]

5 / 22 Adventure to uninhabited island Mr. O participating in sea kayak

It became the best memories! Uninhabited islands, sand, fish and hermit crab were both beautiful! I was worried that my husband could swim with sea water phobia but in the second half I was crazy forgetting that I could not swim in the beautiful sight in the sea (laugh) I was just 1 km away from the main island, [...]

5 / 19 Higher Education Mr. N participating in mangrove kayak

Thank you for participating in the Yeega River mangrove tour and being from the local area, even though we do not know about mangroves, explained us with a graspful explanation. Knowing the fun of kayak, I am thinking until buying a kayak (lol) Also, opportunity [...]

1 / 20 Higashiigawa Mangrove Kayak Participating O

Thank you very much! ! I got up early, saw Sunrise, rowing kayaks from the beginning in the morning, exploring the Higashigawa river mangrove was very fun! I thought that it was impossible to explore the kayak without going to the north, so it was good to experience at Yomitan! Best friends and two women [...]

1 / 8 I family members participating in the Yagosawa kayak tour

Yeegu River kayak is the best! It was a really fun tour! It was blessed with good weather and it became good memories. I was touched by the charm of the kayak! thank you for your comment! It was a warm and nice weather. If there are opportunities to come again [...]

1 / 4 Higashiigawa Mangrove K Kayak Participating K Family

Thank you! Thank you for yesterday. It was a lot of fun! It seems that I will be taught variously and become a mangrove doctor. I wanted to challenge even longer distances. It was a bit of a muscle pain, but it did not catch a cold! I'm really thankful to you […]

12 / 31 Mr. I who participated in the Higashikawa kayak tour

was fun! It was very fun to row the canoes and see the roots of the mangrove nearby! Actually, I tried to lick the water of the river with courage! ... It was too salty! Dad just somehow the butt got wet! Thank you for your comment [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

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