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2 / 4 F family participating in Higashigawa kayak

It was a valuable experience! You were very helpful the other day. I had a very pleasant memory. I was still talking about mangroves and kayaks. Now I'd like to challenge sea kayaking, I am talking about reckless things. Also, when you visit Okinawa, please [...]

1 / 2 M family member who participated in Higashigawa kayak experience

First Hatuchi River kayak! Kayaking experience with parent and child 3 people for the first time, it was a lot of fun. The soy sauce you taught was also very delicious and very satisfied. Thank you for your participation! It was good to have kayaks too! It also circulated delicious things [...]

9 / 12 Higashiigawa Mangrove K Kayak Participating K Family

Thank you for memories. I came back to Kyoto this evening. I am indebted to parents and children on 12 day. It was really fun and I got a good memory of my family in Okinawa. Thank you very much! Thank you for your participation! It was a blessing memorable even for the weather [...]

8 / 21 desert island adventure S family participating in sea kayaking

Uninhabited adventure tour! It was really nice to have participated in the tour. Thank you for your support. Both parents and children were the first sea kayaking and snorkeling, but I was able to enjoy it sincerely with kind, polite and secure support. Transparent sea, fish swimming [...]

8 / 19 Blue cave experience T family participating in diving participation

I could not breathe well, I was worried if I could get out, but I was able to dive with my instructor pulling my hand. The hands of the instructor were visible to God 's hands! 58 years old father who could not skillfully ears out and did not dyed, also Ribe next year [...]

8 / 12 Blue cave boat K K family participating in snorkel

It was the best! This was also the second experience of the blue cave, but it is beautiful even if you look at it many times! It was good that we could observe up to the back, not too crowded this time! I also want to go out and play. Thank you very much! Last time it was mixed [...]

8 / 12 Adventure to uninhabited island K family participating in sea kayaking

A family sea kayak! This time I have been indebted very much since last year. After the typhoon passed, the weather was blessed and the children were very satisfied! Also, thank you if you have the opportunity. Thank you for your comment! Also repeat this year again [...]

8 / 13 Blue cave Boat Snorkel + W parent and child participation in experiential diving

I am indebted to the blue cave! The light which shines in the cave which dives in the early hours of the morning was fantastic and became the best summer memories. The eldest son also delighted! ! Also, if there is a chance, thank you! Thank you for your participation - The first thing in the morning is blue and clean [...]

8 / 7 Coral Forest H Families participating in beach snorkeling

Yesterday, the fish finally met on the last day of Okinawa. I was able to spend a pleasant time with my family. Thank you! Thanks to the typhoon, we will never enter the hotel's private beach, everything will be canceled and it will be necessary [...]

8 / 4 Yagawa river mangrove kayak experience participating W family

thank you for helping me! A nasty son caused you inconvenience. The kids talked about kayaks throughout the day as a wishful kayak experience. Thank you for having a fun experience! thank you for your comment! Kayaking was fun [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

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