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5 / 31 Coral Forest T's participating in snorkeling

I had snorkeled on my own, but I did snorkel properly for the first time this time! It was my first time to wear a wet suit, I was told that I would not sink, and I was worried that the snorkel was not too painful and went to a terrible deep ocean. Positive of goggles [...]

1 / 9 coral forest K family participating in snorkeling

I enjoyed the sea of ​​Okinawa with kind guidance of Mr. Makoto. thank you very much. All the family I will talk about the day I also worked with Mr. Makoto. Families who were tired from the weather since morning have been digesting the schedule from snorkel well. Also in Okinawa [...]

9 / 6 Tropical Fish and Coral Forest Mr. O who participates in the snorkel

thank you for helping me. I regret that I could not go to the blue cave I was expecting, but I managed to do snorkeling and managed to make memories. Both married couple, I got a motion sickness, and my return was quite glocky .... Also next time in the blue cave Chare [...]

1/30Coral woods snorkeling Customers Voice

Thank you for the photo~ makoto san. It was really happy time and we all enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind g […]

1/2Coral woods snorkeling Customers Voice

I received photos from you. If I have a chance one more, I will be with you. Take care! Please come to play in […]

11/20Coral woods snorkeling+experience diving Customers Voice

Nice to meet you again. We got to korea very well. Thank you for our travel to merrily. I saw all pictures. So […]

11/15Adventure experience diving & snorkeling Customers Voice

Thank You for your favor when our family visited Blue Cave. For your favor, we could make good memories in Oki […]

11 / 4 H in tropical fish and coral forest Participating in snorkel H

It was very good! 11 Because it is the moon, is not it cold? Do you like your mother? I was excited, but it was a very good memory. Thank you, makoto. Thank you for your hard work! Please come and join us with your family this time. Also play to Okinawa [...]

2/18Coral woods snorkel+experience diving Customers Voice

Thank you for ur picture. That experience was so much fun And ur picture is also good. But plz eraser that our […]

2 / 13 Coral Forest Snorkel + Mr. N participating in experiential diving

Thank you for everything the other day. It was a fun and fulfilling trip to Okinawa for you. Thank you very much for the pictures too. If there is another opportunity, thank you for your consideration! Thank you for your hard work! I hope you have good memories. Also come to Okinawa [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

WAVE (WAVE Marin Club) Wave Marine Club 〒 901 - 2221 Isa, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture 1 - 6 - 19 / Phone: 098 - 894 - 0545 / Fax: 098 - 894 - 0560
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