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X NUMX / 3 Mr. K participating in a desert island sea kayak tour

Uninhabited island sea kayak & snorkel, it was more fun than I thought ❕☀❗ The children were also very happy Thank you very much ❕☀❗ We appreciate your participation! On that day, we had a nice weather and made a good tour. The summer season [...]

10 / 30 Higashiigawa Mangrove Kayak tour participating B

I received photographs! I will leave it as a good memory with her I enjoyed together. Thank you for your kind guide and experience. Further, since the visit by all means if there is an opportunity, I hope that time also thank you! Be a good memories. next time, […]

2 / 22 Y's Mangrove Mr. Y participating in the kayak

I am indebted to the Yagawa river mangrove kayak. It was a short time, but the first kayak, it was a lot of fun. Thank you for your hard work! Not a lot of photos, but I am glad that you will be glad. I will be waiting for your next participation! Y Y [...]

5 / 25 H who participated in Higashigawa kayak

The explanation of the kayak also deepened the understanding of the mangrove. Thank you for your comment. I would like to work hard for encouragement again. H course participated in the Yeegu River kayak tour

11 / 5 Higashiigawa Mangrove Kayak Participating IS

Healed kayak! I was able to meet live creatures of the river, which seemed to be overlooked, thanks to Mr. S explained to us! It was relaxing kayak, it was very healed! Thank you for your hard work! When time comes again I came to be healed by the nature of Okinawa and beneath [...]

X NUMX / 9 Mr. G participating in the Yagosawa kayak tour

It is not a student group! I am a society person! Lol Yeegu River kayak It was a lot of fun! I will go play again! This was very rude - Please come and visit another season as well! The course Mr. G attended was Yagawa River Mangrove Kayaks [...]

9 / 14 Higashiigawa Mangrove Kayak Participating S

Explore the Yagawa River Mangrove, it was a lot of fun! Next I would like to take a tour of the blue cave. I could not participate because of rain last year ... Thank you very much! Thank you for your hard work! Well then I will be waiting for the blue cave request next time! see you. [...]

5 / 27 Workplace travel by Higashigawa River Kayak

thank you for helping me! Thank you for truly listening to selfishness. I am talking that I want to go to Okinawa next year. In that case, please give me a kayak again! thank you for your comment! I am waiting for the next use [...]

3 / 14 Higaokagawa Mr. K participating in the mangrove kayak

I'm really thankful to you! ! I am hooked on kayaking and I am talking with my friends. Thank you again if you have the opportunity. Thank you for your participation! I will be waiting for your next participation! Course Mr. K attended was Yagawa River Mangrove [...]

3 / 6 Mr. U who participated in Higashigawa kayak

Thank you very much for sharing this valuable experience with us. Next time I do kayaking I think that I will make use of this experience. Thank you very much! We appreciate your participation. I will be waiting for your next participation! U [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

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