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9 / 11 Blue cave experience O participation in diving participation

The other day I took care of by experiencing diving. Thank you for sending pictures and videos of diving. It is truly a memento of the lifetime of 2 people. Also, I was worried at the beginning, but I have a premonition that it seems to be addicted to diving. Next time take a license [...]

9 / 6 Tropical Fish and Coral Forest Mr. O who participates in the snorkel

thank you for helping me. I regret that I could not go to the blue cave I was expecting, but I managed to do snorkeling and managed to make memories. Both married couple, I got a motion sickness, and my return was quite glocky .... Also next time in the blue cave Chare [...]

4/2Blue cave snorkeling P Customers Voice

We came back home safe and sound I miss already there Thank you so much pictures. Then I would like to try scu […]

1 / 27 Higashikawa kayak and Mr. Y participating in the experience diving

The other day, thank you for the kayak diving tour. Everyone said that the guide and guidance was very good even after the tour and I was able to spend a very meaningful time. Thank you very much. Also send me a lot of pictures [...]

X NUMX / 11 Adventure experience diving Participating N

Dear Makoto san, Thank you for sending our photos. It was really great time to us for having diving with you. […]

11 / 9 Blue cave experience diving Participating S

It is S of Korea. Thank you for sending me the photo. Yesterday, Korea started snowing early. Is the weather good in Okinawa? Until we are OKINAWA I will not forget it. I will come back to see you again. Thank you ver [...]

11 / 4 Blue cave SI participating in snorkeling

I was impressed! We accepted the request of sudden change of the previous day, I was moved to see the very wonderful blue cavern! Although I was worried about swimming, I was able to enjoy the inside of the sea even though the waves were big due to the wetsuit and the reliable navigation of Mr. S [...]

10 / 30 Blue cave Snorkel + Y participating in experiential diving

Hello. Thank you for taking care of me by diving the other day. Thank you very much for sending me a picture! I was able to take it very well and I was impressed. I will treasure you! I will hand it over to my friends. I will also go to Okinawa! Thank you very much! Thank you.

9 / 16 adventure experience M parent and child participation in diving participation

Thank you! "First" diving experience with my daughter at this age! I am thinking that I bothered from my daughter and caused trouble. But it was really fun! ! When I go to Okinawa I will contact you again! The sea is never the best [...]

9 / 13 Blue cave experience O couples participating in diving participation

It became fun memories! The other day, thank you for responding to a sudden schedule. Although it was diving after a long absence, I had a kind response and I enjoyed the sea of ​​Okinawa very much. I would like to ask you to go back to Okinawa in the future [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

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