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9 / 16 adventure experience M parent and child participation in diving participation

Thank you! "First" diving experience with my daughter at this age! I am thinking that I bothered from my daughter and caused trouble. But it was really fun! ! When I go to Okinawa I will contact you again! The sea is never the best [...]

8 / 29 Blue cave experience E parent and child participation in diving participation

Blue Grotto! There are three daughters, but the first three women and two people to travel to Okinawa. My daughter is diving for the first time. The blue cave was very nice. We kindly thanked Mr. S, so we had a great diving. My daughter wants to divide again. I want to obtain a license. I was impressed [...]

8 / 18 Blue cave experience O participation in diving participation

Thank you for the other day! I was blessed with the weather, I changed my date and it was really good! Thank you for all the advice. And the blue cave was impressed. Next time I want to take the qualification properly and enjoy the Okinawa sea. Still more [...]


Thank you for the image of the snorkel! I laughed a lot with my family on a lot of interesting pictures. Thank you very much for providing us a very good time even in Okinawa. I want to go to Okinawa again soon. I'd like you to take me to a snorkel again [...]

8 / 8 Blue cave K family participating in snorkeling

Thank you very much. Thank you for handling despite the sudden phone call in the morning. It was nice to see the blue cave in the first ocean of Okinawa. Sorry I made a hard feeling before going on "Wet suits thing (lol)" (Length [...]

X NUMX / 8 B who participated in Blue Cave Experience Diving

すごく楽しかったです。 Makotoさんのおかげで素晴らしい経験をすることができました。海の中はとても美しくてびっくりするぐらいでした。是非また行きたいんですね。ありがとうございました!! コメントありがとうございます! […]

8 / 2 Blue cave experience Mr. K participating in diving participation

Thank you for the photos! Although it was a sudden reservation, it was very nice to be kindly responded. Good memories were made! ! Please be a good memory. I will be waiting for your next participation! The course K participated was the blue cave body [...]

7 / 31Blue Mr. J participating in Cave Diving

Hi~ M san, i checked all photos, it’s awesome. i really had wonderful time with you. i appreciate of yo […]

7/27 Blue Cave Experience Diving Customers Voice

The photo was well received. Thank you! I’ll see if the next opportunity. Have a nice day. Thank you! s […]

7 / 15 Parents and children in Blue Cave Snorkel and Y family participating in experiential diving

Thank you very much for the picture. I was able to open all safely. Although I was a little worried about diving for the first time, I was able to enjoy it with confidence, just taught me to take a step forward. I think that price is reasonable. There is a [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

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