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11 / 5 Higashiigawa Mangrove Kayak Participating IS

Healed kayak! I was able to meet live creatures of the river, which seemed to be overlooked, thanks to Mr. S explained to us! It was relaxing kayak, it was very healed! Thank you for your hard work! When time comes again I came to be healed by the nature of Okinawa and beneath [...]

X NUMX / 9 Mr. G participating in the Yagosawa kayak tour

It is not a student group! I am a society person! Lol Yeegu River kayak It was a lot of fun! I will go play again! This was very rude - Please come and visit another season as well! The course Mr. G attended was Yagawa River Mangrove Kayaks [...]

9 / 14 Higashiigawa Mangrove Kayak Participating S

Explore the Yagawa River Mangrove, it was a lot of fun! Next I would like to take a tour of the blue cave. I could not participate because of rain last year ... Thank you very much! Thank you for your hard work! Well then I will be waiting for the blue cave request next time! see you. [...]

8 / 2 Higashikawa kayak & blue cave S family participating in snorkel

Thank you very much! It was fun because there were lots of creatures to see for the first time. It was good that the kayak came out of speed surprisingly and it was better than I thought. Thank you for your kindness. I was touched by an amazing number of tropical fish. Snowshoeing Hama [...]

6 / 12 Mr. K participating in Higashigawa Mangrove tour

it was fun! I was able to experience valuable experiences. It was an activity that can appreciate the ecology of Mt. Yagawa river, the creatures that help each other, the mystery of nature. Thank you very much. Also, thank you if you do go! Thank you for your hard work - this time for individual travel [...]

X NUMX / 6 Mr. W who participated in Higashiigawa Mangrove tour

thank you for helping me! Sorry, we responded suddenly without reservation. it was fun! ! Thank you very much. I will go again! ! I will fit closely when I go next time! Thank you for your participation in the hot weather! Also next time [...]

5 / 27 Workplace travel by Higashigawa River Kayak

thank you for helping me! Thank you for truly listening to selfishness. I am talking that I want to go to Okinawa next year. In that case, please give me a kayak again! thank you for your comment! I am waiting for the next use [...]

5 / 26 Mr. S participating in Higashigawa kayak tour

Thank you Yagawa river kayak tour! I enjoyed kayaking very much. It was good as the weather also seems to fly on the blog street and did not get off. thank you for your comment! Regarding the image, I will inform you by e-mail later. Also next [...]

5 / 22 Higaokagawa Mr. K participating in the mangrove kayak

Kayaking was the best! It was the first kayak to be crowded, but thanks to you, I was able to fully enjoy Yeegu River with confidence! At the beginning I was keen on rowing kayaks, but as I was talking about the ecology of mangroves and casual story I usually watch it [...]

4 / 13 Women's Journey - Mr. I who participates in Higashigawa kayak experience

Mangrove of a wish! Haikugawa kayaking experience was a lot of fun. I am a bit depressed that I could not find the bat clearly ... I want to challenge different things next time I appreciate your participation! Next time is a challenge to the sea and more interesting [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

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