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4 / 4 Higashikawa kayak and Mr. Y participating in tree planting mangrove

Thank you for 4 days! I was worried whether I could not be flushed with my first Higuyogawa river kayak & experience but it was a lot of fun! Although I only knew about mangllubs in books, as I looked closer and taught me carefully about the mechanism of nature, [...]

4 / 1 Mr. F who participated in Higashigawa river canoe and mangrove planting

There were various things and it became late. That passage really became indebted. It is needless to say that you can deepen your knowledge of mangrove, can fully enjoy the river in Okinawa with canoe, and make Okinawa travel more fulfilling. If you also play [...]

4 / 1 Higashikawa kayak and Mr. K participating in mangrove planting

Today was blessed with the weather, the Yaegu River kayak experience was really good. While feeling a comfortable wind and sunshine, I could spend a good time relaxingly, with family 3. When the settled seedlings grow bigger, I will come again. There are also pictures [...]

3 / 28 Higashikawa kayak and Mr. T participating in planting mangrove

Thank you very much for having a fun kayak experience! I knew the greatness of mangrove for the first time and I thought it was amazing. It was regrettable that it ended in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye. Next time I think I will also try the sea kayaking. Thank you for your comment [...]

3 / 26 Higashikawa kayak + M managing the tree planting Mr. H

it was fun! Apart from my son, it was my first Higashigawa kayak, but I enjoyed it. I also gained knowledge of mangroves and was healed greatly in nature. Thank you for your comment! It is nice to have you enjoy. There are also opportunities [...]

3 / 21 Higashikawa kayak + Mr. G participating in mangrove planting

Thank you very much - it was a lot of fun. Everyone's impression "I hope the buds of the planted mangrove seed come out. I am sorry that we do not have any rows. (Kazue)" "Haze was cute (Saki)" "I fell down when I got on a kayak [ ...]

3 / 17 Higashikawa river kayak + Mr. S N participating in mangrove planting tree

Mr. S "I was indebted to the other day for the first time in a kayak experience, but it was a lot of fun!" N san "Although I never knew about mangroves, I looked closely and polite the mechanism of nature Because I taught to you, it is very reputable [...]

3 / 16 Higashigawa river kayak + mangrove planting participation S

Spacious island time! Thank you very much for responding kindly despite the inconvenience that caused the reservation date to be wrong. I had a fun time to relax. In addition, you can talk about mangrove one-on-one, natural river raw [...]

3 / 15 Higashikawa kayak + Mr. T who participated in tree planting mangrove

Mr. T "I am the one who participated yesterday! It was my first kayak, but the guide was kind, so I was able to experience it very much! Thank you!" Thank you for your comment! Please be a good memory - Participation in another [...]

3 / 13 Higashikawa river jungle kayak + F participating in tree planting

Mr. F "I am indebted to Yeegegawa Kayak yesterday! I did not plan to get tired at all, but if I wake up in the morning muscle soreness (crying) Misogi's physical strength is like this, I have to put on physical strength by the time I go next time The temperature was still cold this time, but this time warm [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

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