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4 / 13 Women's Journey - Mr. I who participates in Higashigawa kayak experience

Mangrove of a wish! Haikugawa kayaking experience was a lot of fun. I am a bit depressed that I could not find the bat clearly ... I want to challenge different things next time I appreciate your participation! Next time is a challenge to the sea and more interesting [...]

2013 年 渡 名 喜 • 粟 国 島 フ ァ ン ダ イ ビ ン グ

Timakijima of 2013 year • The schedule of Awashima fans diving has been decided! This year, Togijikima will join and Weekly Weekend will be holding a remote island expedition fan diving tour to Awashima Island. In this season Akunishima (Agni Island) 's Wright Sait (Fudzaki), a number [...]

12 / 30 N Families participating in Higashigawa kayak experience participation

I was able to learn happily. On that day, despite the sudden reservation, I corresponded pleasantly. Although I experienced kayak for the first time, I was able to have a fun time blessed with the weather. Because the staff explained kindly carefully, the Higashi River [...]

12 / 14 Higashi river M Mr. T participating in kayak

it was fun! You were very helpful the other day. I have returned safely to the northern country. It was a lot of fun with play different from the sea. It was a very valuable experience for me to see for the first time bats, Shiomaneki, and Iguana (lol). With thanks for letting me play slowly [...]

12 / 4 Higashi gawa kayak participating N parentage child

In Yoga River kayak first experience, parents and children enjoyed nature and was very satisfied. I carefully explained the plants and creatures inhabiting the river, and I learned a lot. When I came to Okinawa, I think that I want to experience a kayak. Thank you for this time [...]

11 / 11 Phyreta Mangrove Kayak Participating OS

Thank you! Although it was my first mangrove kayak, I got to entertain it with detailed explanation. I was worried about the rain, but I was twisted! thank you for your comment! If I had to prepare it, I could not get rained and it was nice. Well ... [...]

11 / 10 Team participating in Chivisi Fan Diving

This time it was Okinawa tour of 4 degree, but it is the impression that I came across a diving shop that I would like to use next for 4 time. Participants' ages and experiences are disjoint, some members only dive 1 times a year, so I'm wondering if they will inconvenience you ... [...]

10 / 16 Higashikawa Mangrove Kayak Participating MK

Thank you for the other day. I had no experience of kayaking, but I was able to row it happily. Surprisingly it is going to go to Switzerland even if a headwind! I was lucky to see mongooses and bats! Next time please challenge elsewhere [...]

9 / 25 H's Mr. Higashigawa kayak experience participation

First kayak! The Yago river kayak was more fun than I thought! I'm sorry with two strange people. Next time I would like to row a longer distance. thank you for your comment. It was nice to have fun. Please make a request again! [...]

9 / 12 Higashiigawa Mangrove K Kayak Participating K Family

Thank you for memories. I came back to Kyoto this evening. I am indebted to parents and children on 12 day. It was really fun and I got a good memory of my family in Okinawa. Thank you very much! Thank you for your participation! It was a blessing memorable even for the weather [...]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

WAVE (WAVE Marin Club) Wave Marine Club 〒 901 - 2221 Isa, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture 1 - 6 - 19 / Phone: 098 - 894 - 0545 / Fax: 098 - 894 - 0560
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