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9 / 19 Adventure experience Mr. O participating in diving

Photographs arrived. The other day I had a very enjoyable first diving experience, thank you very much! Two people said that I really enjoyed it, I looked at the photos I sent and recalled again and I got very good memories. Also go to Okinawa [...]

9 / 1 T's Mr. T participating in the Blue Cave Experience Diving

It was a lot of fun. I will go again. Please be fine until the day we meet again. Thank you very much. Yes. thank you very much! I will be waiting next year again! The tour Mr. T attended was a blue cave experience dive tour

2/24Coral woods snorkeling Customers Voice

I received the mail safely. Thank you for the picture. I hope we can meet at summer! byeThank you for reply. W […]

2/19Coral woods snorkeling Customers Voice

I have received photos. It was great moment to have snorkeling in Okinawa Sea. I will give your information to […]

2/19Coral woods snorkel Customers Voice

I received my photos. I will show photos to friends and tell them about my snorkeling experience to recommend. […]

2/14Coral woods snorkeling Customers Voice

I recieve your photo. Thank you. I will recommend to my firends who go to Okinawa. Snorkeling was really fun a […]

12/31 Blue cave snorkel+experience diving Customers Voice

Hello. We arrived safely in Korea. Thank you for making unforgettable memories! And thank you for being kindly taught. In 2015 year, I will try to experience with my family. Always let's meet again [...]

12/14Adventure experience diving Customers Voice

Thank you. you are a good memory in Okinawa! Next time, let’s go to Blue cave. Also I am waiting for the […]

12/8Adventure experience diving Customers Voice

Yesterday I arrive Seoul Korea. I had a good time in Okinawa! I receive all of your picture. I will advertise […]

12/6Adventure experience diving Customers Voice

Thank you for sending me photos. We were back in korea and came back to real life. If i have another chance to […]

Okinawa Wave Marine Club's diary

WAVE (WAVE Marin Club) Wave Marine Club 〒 901 - 2221 Isa, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture 1 - 6 - 19 / Phone: 098 - 894 - 0545 / Fax: 098 - 894 - 0560
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