Coral Forest Snorkel Tour Coral forest snorkeling tour

Tropical Fish and Coral Forest Snorkel Tour

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A snorkel tour if you enjoy the Okinawa ocean at an affordable price and in a short time. Onna village Masaki Maeda Observation of coral clouds spreading off the coast from nearby beaches, tropical fish coexisting with colorful corals, as if as a coral forest, snorkeling from the water surface to wide snowsking, I am already crazy from children to adults. As you participate in wearing a wet suit with enough buoyancy from above the swimsuit, anyone can be at ease with a healthy body. A veteran instructor with sea experience of 20 years or more has a small tour and has a relaxing tour.

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  • Veteran instructors with sea experience over 20 years will be taught in small numbers. More underwater photos with free gifts!
  • 1 name normal charge (2 name or more ~Pair discount
    Regular fee 4,500 yen →Pair discount 3,500 JPY
  • Participate in the order
    6 before ~ ​​the time required: about 90-120 points
  • 開催時間(1日 4回から希望の時間を選択して下さい)
  • Included in price
    Course fee, wet suit & snorkel equipment rental fee, insurance
  • Model schedules
    Fill in Application Form - Change Clothes - Move to Sea - Practice - Entry - Coral Fish Observation - Soft Coral Observation - Exit - Clothes Change - End
  • Things prepared by customers
    Swimwear, bath towel, sandal, clothes change

  • Access to local meeting place
    Meeting at 15 minutes before the Cape Meida Paid Parking lot, please contact the staff in charge after arrival
    (On the day, please come to the local meeting place with bathing suits before departure)
    Car Navi Address search: Okinawa Prefecture Onna villa Hashida 469-1, Masaki Mane field Observation deck
    Map code: 206 062 685 * 71

~ Notes on participation ~

The conditions of participation must be healthy both mentally and physically. Respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, otorhinous disorders, epilepsy, autonomic nervous system medical history, those pregnant, we will refuse participation. Please contact us in advance for any questions.

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WAVE (WAVE Marin Club) Wave Marine Club 〒 901 - 2221 Isa, Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture 1 - 6 - 19 / Phone: 098 - 894 - 0545 / Fax: 098 - 894 - 0560
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