Blue cave experience diving tour Blue cave experience diving tour

An exciting experience! Blue cave experience dive tour

Light curtain in blue cave

Light curtain in blue cave

It is an experience diving which dives in the blue cave held at Onen Village Masaki Cape. Starting from the practice of respiration at the place where the feet shallow from the beach can reach, start gradually to the blue spot gradually accustomed to water from the water surface, while observing the colorful coral fish along the leaf soon Pokkari vacant half of the water surface The mysterious blue world where natural light combines when the entrance of the cave gets excited from the dark cave while throbbing. Easy adventurous one, feel free to participate in the mood of an explorer.

Underwater camera with wide lens Experience diving image 2 Experience diving image 1

  • Veteran instructors with sea experience 20 years or older are instructed by 1 group charter. More underwater photos with free benefits!
  • 1 name normal charge (2 name or more ~Pair discount
    Regular fee 9,800 円 →Pair discount 8,000 JPY
  • Participate in the order
    12才〜   所要時間:約90-120分(潜水時間35〜45分)The maximum depth of diving is -10m
  • Holding time (Please select desired time from 1 days 4 times)
  • Included in price
    Course fee, diving full equipment rental fee, tank fee, insurance
  • Model schedules
    Fill in Application Form - Change Clothes - Diving Equipment How to Use (Briefing) ~ Practice ~ Entry ~ Blue Cave ~ Coral Fish Observation ~ Exit ~ Clothes Change ~ End
  • Things prepared by customers
    Swimwear, bath towel, sandal, clothes change

  • Access to local meeting place
    Onna Villa Cape Eiyoda Cape Meeting at 15 minutes before the gathering place in the parking lot, please contact the staff in charge after arrival
    (On the day, please come to the local meeting place with bathing suits before departure)
    Car Navi Address search: Okinawa Prefecture Onna villa Hashida 469-1, Masaki Mane field Observation deck
    Map code No. 206 062 685 * 71

~ Notes on participation ~

The condition of participation must be healthy both mentally and physically. Respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, otorhinous disorders, epilepsy, autonomic nervous system medical history, those pregnant, we will refuse participation. Please contact us in advance for any questions. Regarding airplane boarding, customers who will return by plane will not accept diving applications, so please understand.

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