Frequently Asked Questions

Before joining, I summarized frequently asked questions so that there are no concerns or concerns. Since it refers to examples of past and so on, there are also individual differences, so it is not something that universally matches. It is not a professional medical view, so please take a look for your reference.

scuba diving

  • Ear cut
    Those who are sensitive to dive under the water surface are said to be subject to pressure, pain is caused by pushing the tympanic membrane against external pressure even at water depth 30. Therefore, pressure equilibrium (ear removal) is necessary. In rare cases, the left and right eustachian tubes are thin, those who have difficulty adjusting air pressure when traveling to a high altitude or in an airplane may be difficult, but it is okay if there is no problem with the ear nose. Let's challenge by finding opportunities for diving which is said to be said that the view of the world changes as it dives.
  • People with weak eyesight
    If you are using glasses (glasses) or hard contacts, we recommend using a mask with a degree. If it is more than 0.2 with naked eyesight, under the water surface it is not necessary because the object is enlarged by lens action. If it is less than 0.1, use a mask with a degree (with lens). However, those with disposable soft contacts have to be installed and participate if there is no problem.
  • Boarding
    There is no problem participating in diving after arriving by plane, but you can not participate in diving on the day of flight on which you will be returning by plane. The reason is that the risk of causing decompression (diversion) is high. Generally it is necessary to wait longer than 12 hours if it is a diving for several days, more than 18 hours after diving. Please consider the application of snorkel and kayak on the way to go home.


  • buoyancy
    In order to ensure sufficient buoyancy, we have participated by wearing a wet suit (5 mm) throughout the year.
    Adults are not recommending because they are more likely to swim because they are staggering and are more afraid to swim because they are wearing more buoyant bodies (life jackets), but they are not recommended for small children Life jacket may be worn. It is comfortable if there is a wet suit that can float sufficiently without using physical strength even on the unreachable water surface. The staff that leads also guides with a float (float or body board), so you can grab hold of it or ride a small child so you can join with confidence.
  • swim
    Basically it is better to swim than swim it, but it seems like you swim like breathing, crawling, breaststroke, etc. in the concept of swimming.
    Snorkeling swims with mask & snorkel & fins (3 point set), so we will not breathe like swimming by using mask & snorkel. At first there is somewhat oppressive feeling but it is okay if you get used to it. Without using hands like crawling, breaststroke, fins can go sweeping as far as you can kick the butterfoot. You can swim smoothly by using equipment even if there is not much swimming ability.
  • Horizon
    Since you can overlook underwater from the water surface over a wide area, you can enjoy underwater wide from the water surface. Snorkel may be easiest if you peek through Okinawa's sea easily.

Blue Grotto

  • One spot on the snorkel tour "Blue cave" is at a spotAs I enjoy snorkeling, I will not go to the cave by walking on a bad rocky place in the reef in principle.Swimming (while snorkeling) watching fish around the ocean.Also, the sight changes with the weather so it is cloudy or rainy to say it is not to say stop. Sometimes we can meet fantastic sight only on such days. (The low temperature cool season is a season when water transparency further increases and it is possible to meet fantastic blue)

Weather and criteria

  • Because it is a course mainly based on nature, when the weather and the strait situation are bad, we may stop the tour as a safety first.
    The awards for tours are many afternoons on the arrival day and the next day (am / pm). There are cases where you can not participate during the traveling period if you apply for 2 and 3 days and the weather deteriorates by any chance. Please plan ahead with as much time as possible soon.
  • weather
    Outside the stable season of the summer, the weather in Okinawa, which often has weekly weather forecasts, also is an island in the south.
    From the customer "Does it have to be sunny? Although I have received a question frequently, although I have never passed on fine weather, marine menus will be held without difficulty if conditions such as the wind direction of the spot (venue), wave height, tide level etc. are good even if it is cloudy or rainy. "Because it's raining today, can not you see fish? "Because the weather is bad, the blue cave is not good? It is not, in any way. It may be a bit of a drop in tension, but at the moment I surely entered the ocean, that worry will change to a smile.
  • Urge the benchmark
    As typhoons and sometimes storms like winds and waves can be higher.
    In the evening before participation 18: 00 ~ 19 before participation as a final guide, we will grasp the situation such as wind direction, wave height, tide level etc of the spot (venue) by getting weather information, internet etc. beforehand, : We will give the final meeting to the customer on 00. * We believe that it is our responsibility to properly judge the tour's tour and guide us.

Participation rule

  • Be both mentally and physically healthy
    ~ Please note - If you are pregnant, those with respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, otorhinous disorders, epilepsy, autonomic nervous system, pregnancy, we may refuse participation, so please contact in advance .
  • Participation in the condition of the year (year)
    Dive from over 10 years old
    Snorkel from over 6 years old
    Mangrove kayak starts from 3 years old or older
    Sea kayak is from 6 years old or older

To female people

  • In general it is said that participation of menstruation diving and snorkel is no problem. Of course there is no problem with the use of regular napkins and tampons. It is impossible to impossible because physical strength, decline in judgment etc. are considered during the period. For that, it is good to think about prescription of painkiller, but there are various ingredients in marketing medicine, and some doctors prescribe because there seems to be some that are unsuitable for diving We recommend. When your menstrual pain is terrible, when you are mentally unstable, do not push yourself and try to avoid diving or snorkeling.

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