Whale shark diving tour Whale shark Fun diving tour

Diver's longing fish The largest fish of the earth! Fun diving tour dive with whale shark (am / pm)

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Yomitan village It is reared with a whale shark as a marine farm in the pond set up off the coast of the fishing port. It is a diving tour that observes the whale shark entering inside the straight 30m square net and breeding. Since there is a prior explanation (briefing) at the port before holding, we ask you to participate in the tour firmly. If you are a diver to the whale shark who is swimming in the form of a gentle appearance of the open ocean, I think that I'd like to meet once, but there are not many opportunities to say so. To say that definitely meeting if it goes here is a very valuable experience in a sense. I am sure that it will be a valuable 1 book of your experience in the process of dive forever.

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[am / pm model schedule]
am 8: 30 set - 9: 00 departure 観察説明/ジンベエザメツアー1Dive
10:00帰港 シャワー着替え/ログ付け/終了
pm 13: 00 set - 13: 30 departure 観察説明/ジンベエザメツアー1Dive


  • 通常料金(2人以上→Buddy Discount
    1人1Dive 14,700 JPY 2人以上→Buddy Discount 13,700 JPY
  • Included in price
    Boarding fee, guide fee, tank 1 books, weight rental fee, insurance
  • Things prepared by customers
    C card, logbook, my equipment, swimwear, sandals, bath towels, changing clothes, windbreaker or boat court, sickness etc.
  • 器材レンタル料金
    3 point set 1,050 yen, wet suit + boots 1,050 yen
    Full rental equipment 4,200 JPYBuddy Discount 2,100 JPY
  • Access to local meeting place (Free parking available)
    Collect at the meeting place 15 minutes at the gathering place inside Yomitan-mura Fishing Port parking lot, please contact staff in charge after arrival
    (Please wear swimsuit on the day before arriving to the local meeting place before departure
    Car navigation Address search: Yomitan village Nakadome gun Nakadome gun 33, Yomitan Village Miya fishing port (Yomitan Sento)
  • Map Code :33 792 301 *36
  • About Yomitani fishing port facility use
    Toilet, change room, shower is free



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