Dive license acquisition 2 day course

PADI Open Water Diver Cカード取得2Dayコース

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The ocean of Okinawa that will surely be ranked high among the world's leading diving areas. Treasures of Japan Let's get a diver debut by acquiring PADI Open Water Diver (C card), the world leader in Okinawa's ocean with good transparency! If you are not afraid of the sea and are in good health, you will surely be satisfied with the fulfilling 2 day course. Please be assured that instructors who support short-term intensive courses will provide polite guidance along with the curriculum by veteran instructors with sea experience of 20 years or more.

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[Okinawa Travel 3 Night 4 Day Model Schedule 2Day]

Time zone

Send teaching materials ~ Prior to traveling: Preliminary study & review (at your own pace) with departmental materials at home
Morning 8 hour SHOP aggregate ~ Evening 16 time finish 1 Day: Comment from the Department of AM + Basic Practice / PM Ocean Practice 2DIVE / Completion of Recording

Morning 8 time Sea set - Completion around 13 time in the afternoon


Afternoon 12 hour Sea set ~ Evening 17 time finish

2 Day: Comment by the Department of AM & PM + Ocean Practice 2DIVE / Recording & Application Procedure / Completion

PADI Open Water Diver (C Card) Certification
  • Regular fee (2 name more than ~Pair discount
    1 name usual charge 47,250 JPY
    2 name ~Pair discount 29,800 JPY
  • Participate in the order
    From 16 up to 40 years old
  • Included in price
    Course fee, diving full equipment rental fee, tank fee, insurance
  • Those not included in the price
    C card application fee & teaching materials fee separately 8,400 JPY
  • Things to prepare
    Swimwear, bath towel, sandals, writing utensils, face photograph color (3 × 4.) 2 sheets, wind breaker, sickness etc.
  • As a condition of participation, both the physical and mental health needs to be good. (First of allMedical Check PDF Please participate in a minor's participation, parental author's participation agreement is required.
  • When applying, transfer 5,000 yen as application money to our designated bank (Ryukyu Bank or Yucho Bank) account. After confirming payment, we will send you the materials you prepay in advance for your home. In the case of cancellation (cancellation) after sending the teaching material, please understand that the application fee corresponds to the cancellation fee (cancellation fee). When you apply, please inform us of your mobile phone number, PC mail address, mailing address.

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~ Notes on participation ~

Due to respiratory or cardiovascular diseases, otorhinous diseases, epilepsy, autonomic nervous system medical history, pregnant one, we may refuse participation, so please contact in advance. Regarding flight boarding, please understand that we do not accept diving applications for customers who have airplane boarding on completion of participation.

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