The schedule of 2017 year 's Tonakijima Awashima fans diving has been decided!


  • We will hold a remote island expedition fan diving tour to Togakijima, Awakunoshima this weekend.
  • During this season a large group of more than thousands of Gingame bees gather in a group of spiral (tornado) in Akushima (Agni Island) 's Boko Saito (Fudensaki). Camera School • Divers of video schools are of course worth a look, you can enjoy diving with abundant dynamic terrain of fish shadows.
  • Duration is from the 5 Month 13 day of Golden Week opening to 7 Month 30 day every weekend (this year is also long in term!), Tour guide with a small number of 6 name or less, with C card holder · Medium for advanced users Invite active divers and buddies to join us.
  • 1 eyes and 3 eyes (2 eyes OP) will do drift diving. It is necessary to get free buoyancy (you can get drunk smoothly by yourself) and neutral buoyancy in the water. We are aiming for a small guide and a thorough guide, so please contact us anything.

Schedule of the tour For details,渡 名 喜 • 粟 国 島 フ ァ ン ダ イ ビ ン グ ツ ア ー

For inquiries and consultation,お 問 い 合 わ せ • ご 相 談


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